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Our Goals

Welcome To Hålehall

Hålehall is a nature reserve located in Hallandsåsen. With the help of our supporters and volunteers, the Hålehall charity creates a safe place where you can enjoy nature and where local wildlife can thrive.

Protect Local Wildlife

Our nature reserve is home to a wide variety of wildlife, providing homes for hundreds of different species.

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Preserve Local Habitats

Our woods are also home to a spectacular variety of plants, from stunning tall plants to mysterious wildflowers.

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Offer Fun Outdoor Activities

Our nature reserve is the perfect place to take picnics, go hiking, spot wildlife, and spend time in nature.

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Support The Local Community

Our woods offer a great place for families, friends, and local communities to come together and enjoy the great outdoors.

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Our Work

What We Are Doing

Our Activities

Support The Reserve

Help us protect and improve the Hålehall Nature Reserve. Your support will help us maintain our trails, fund future projects, and launch more outdoor experiences.

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Our Plans

Upcoming Events

Join us for an organised walk around the Hålehall Nature Reserve.

1st November 2023 Sweden
1st October 2023 Sweden
1st September 2023 Sweden

Photo Gallery

The Hålehall Nature Reserve is rich with wildlife and provides a safe haven for many insects, birds, and other small animals. It is also home to many beautiful flowers and trees.

Holiday Cabins

Stay At The Reserve

Thinking of coming to visit? Book a stay at the local cabin and help raise money for the Hålehall Nature Reserve. All funds go towards future projects.


Experience nature at its best at Hålehall Nature Reserve.

Hålehall Nature Reserve


Enjoy healthy foods and local delicacies.

Hålehall Nature Reserve


Join our organised walks and outdoors activities.

Hålehall Nature Reserve


Enjoy a relaxing stay in our forest cabin.

Hålehall Nature Reserve

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Find out more about what's happening at the Hålehall Nature Reserve.

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